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Vince vaughn psycho movie

vince vaughn psycho movie

After Norman fixes her a light dinner, Marion goes back to her room for a shower.
Vince Vaughn jako Norman Bates, właściciel Bates Motel.
Julianne Moore jako Lila Crane, neurotyczna i zaniepokojona siostra Marion.Its an experiment, as Van Sant said, and it serves as proof that theres something magical about a singular film.An unidentified female figure, presumed to be Norman's mother, enters the bathroom and stabs Marion to death with a chefs knife.Macy jako Milton Arbogast, prywatny detektyw wynajęty by znaleźć Marion.Psycho " (1960) and Gus, van Sant 's "shot-by-shot" remake is the addition of a masturbation scene.The idea to remake, psycho was something Van Sant had actually been toying around with since the 1989 release of his film.Simon monologue at the end, which was much shorter in the remake.12 A number of critics and writers viewed Van Sant's version more as an actual experiment in shot-for-shot remakes.Someday, you may be able to play the music.".The soundtrack also includes the track "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie, which can be heard during the film when Marion trades in her old car for a new one.Jedzie do motelu, w którym nie spotyka żadnych klientów.11 Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "C-" on an A to F scale.Van Sant's comments from the commentary track attribute many of the updates to the need to make the film more accessible to a new audience.Anne Heche in leading and supporting roles.In the final scene, Norman sits in a cell, thinking le macchine di leonardo da vinci la catapulta in Mother's voice.Film o młodej kobiecie, która mieszka w miasteczku Pheonix.The great musician then patted the child on the head and said, "You can play the notes.
Possibly no actor could have matched the Perkins performance, which is one of the unique creations in the cinema, but Vaughn is not the actor to try.

Macy as Milton Arbogast, a private detective hired to find Marion after she vanishes Robert Forster.