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Last supper da vinci code analysis

The latest scandal is less grisly, but equally bizarre.
The deputys post will be occupied temporarily by one of several executives of an American-based consultancy, Promontory Financial Group, which has been at work at the IOR since May, checking accounts and clients.
Pope Francis is nevertheless showing more vigour than any predecessor in his efforts to clean up the IOR.It will be a long haul.Mr Cipriani and Mr Tulli were already under investigation, together with the IORs former president, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, in another case that involves a suspected violation of Italys anti-money-laundering regulations.It was set up to provide asset management, mainly for men and women of the cloth and the institutions to which they belong.Insteadawkwardly for the Vaticanit was Italian investigators who blew the whistle, as they have done in every previous scandal.That will take longer and could be even harder: the IOR is typical of a culture of secrecy and compartmentalisation that extends throughout the Vatican.On June 15th he appointed a trusted ally, Monsignor Battista Ricca, to be the institutions so-called prelatean overseer who can attend the IORs board meetings and see its paperwork.The problems go back to at least 1982 when the IOR was involved in the fraudulent bankruptcy of Banco Ambrosiano.Large numbers of lay people are also entitled to accounts.IT IS in the Vatican, but neither an institution of the city-state, nor part of the Roman Curia, the Catholic churchs central administration.He is accused of bribery as part of a plot to smuggle 20m (26m) in cash into Italy from Switzerland on a private jet.Appointed in the last days of Pope Benedicts papacy, he will stand in for Mr Cipriani until a replacement can be found.Monsignor Scarano, a banker who came unusually late in life to holy orders, was already a suspect in a separate money-laundering investigation involving rich friends from his home samsung note offerta tim town of Salerno.The IORs board accused him of negligence.All this points to one of several problems with the IOR.The bank operates in a tax haven, and the advantages it offers have not been lost on some of its clients friends.In June of that year the Italian banks chairman, Roberto Calvi, was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London.
The monsignor had been merely trying to help out his friends, he said.
Among them are Vatican employees and diplomats accredited to the Holy See: the Council of Europes Moneyval unit, which is evaluating the Vaticans anti-money-laundering measures, found almost a third of accounts were held by lay people or organisations.

The pope has since named a special commission to scrutinise the bank, with powers to overrule its secrecy rules.
Mr Gotti Tedeschi said he had been removed because he wanted greater transparency.